The mission of ”Light Transformations” Foundation is to raise the awareness of entrepreneurs, business owners, small and medium-sized organisations about the importance of life-work balance. By encouraging to harmonise their lives, replenish their energy and maintain genuine interpersonal relationships, we assist them in becoming even more trustworthy pillars of society and powerful economic development generators. Together we aim to shape a stable and secure future.

The activities we have are varied and all devoted to fulfilling our mission. They include:

Our team consists of a variety of professionals in the field of personal development. They all specialise in different fields and make sure we provide good assistance to people we mentor and work with.

Our vision and mission cannot be separated from constant learning and improvement. In order to be able to provide the best service to everyone we work with, we need to update our knowledge and learn new things every day. We use various sources for that, and here we share some of them, as we believe you will also find them useful. Please keep in mind that the foundation is not affiliated with these websites and their owners in any way.



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Work with Us

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