Our team consists of a variety of professionals in the field of personal development. They all specialise in different fields and make sure we provide good assistance to people we mentor and work with.

Ana is an entrepreneur and author of the Light Guide. The guide consists of a book and program that teaches you how to create consciously and sync with your soul’s true purpose. She works with individuals and teams to help them discover a renewed energy for life, calm down and clarify what is truly important for them. After covering the basics, they can move to the next level of conscious creation in their lives and work.

Uroš is the founder of several sustainable organisations. His family business has been active for almost 60 years; he and his younger brother are third-generation entrepreneurs. Ten years ago, Uroš stepped out of the company in order to advise and mentor entrepreneurs full-time. A book author and master consultant in the foundation, he mentors our team and partners to help them to transform their work and achieve a balanced life.

Nejc comes from a sports background which he was active in as a child and in his teenage years, and he is interested in various forms of formal and non-formal education. He performs personal and complementary (karmic) diagnostics for leaders and managers, and management teams. He does personal mentoring and is an author of training courses, as well as in charge of our finances.

Jure is highly active and motivated, practically educated and a believer in mutual respect and co-creation between people and organisations. He consults and mentors leaders and managers in creating a true balance between work and personal time in their lives. The changing times we live in provide an endless source of inspiration for his work.

Tadej is an expert in IT system administration and has innovative sales knowledge, which he utilises to develop suitable strategies. He also works on implementing the latest technology in the foundation’s work. He is highly analytical and always positive. His hobbies are fixing cars and electronics.

Katja is an optimist trying to remain realistic. She believes in respect and cooperation between individuals and teams. In her day-to-day work, she communicates with our various partners, and she does administrative tasks. She is also our go-to person for insight into any changes in labour, commercial and tax legislation.

Leon is a junior call centre operator. He loves communicating with people and getting the right message across. He is a great listener, as well as someone who can speak persuasively.